Coming from the lush foliage of Vallarta to Los Cabos, the stark contrast of desert was very… well, stark! But it didn’t take me long to come to love how the starkness of the desert meets up with the incredibly blue ocean. If I thought Vallarta had beautiful resorts and villas, Cabos has completely blown me away!

While Cabos has a night life much smaller than Vallarta or Cancun, it is definitely a thriving, jumping night life and the close proximity of all the clubs makes club hopping a lot of fun. I like sitting at the Hard Rock cafe, enjoying a brew and a burger and watching everyone down below all dressed up… or not (haha) ready for a night out of fun. Plaza Paraiso is on the Marina in Cabo San Lucas and has a small Malecon which is also full of yummy restaurants (although my all-time favorite restaurant EVER, Flora’s Farm, is located in a valley close to San Jose) and hopping places “to be.” I do think that Cabo has a nice mix of providing resorts which are far from the downtown night life, yet the night life is still very accessible if you just want a night out on the town.