The Riviera Maya is on the furthest east of Mexico that you can be. What really took me by surprise was just the massiveness of the space. Everything was so spread out and you couldn’t see any of the resorts from the main highway – all blocked by trees. My impression was that the Riviera Maya would be a great place to get married if you were really into staying at a resort and just staying there. The beaches were undeniably as beautiful as the pictures everyone posts and the water was calm and warm. One of the weddings we designed was held at a villa in Soliman Bay and what I learned about the experience was that it is VERY VERY windy in Soliman Bay. The coordinator told me it would be but I will admit to being completely blown away (no pun intended) by how windy it really was. On the other hand, it was absolutely gorgeous. I loved how the water met up to the beach and you just felt like it was hard to tell where one ended and the other began.

We just finished a design of a wedding held at two very beautiful Haciendas.  Although most weddings in this area tend to a tropical decor, I think doing the Spanish hacienda style worked beautifully here and cannot wait to do it again.

My favorite location in the Riviera was Cozumel. My crew and I all piled into an old VW bug and drove across the island to the other side and hung out at some beautiful coves. I’ve lived in Mexico for 10+ years but this was the first time I had that movie feeling of being in an old Mexican quaint town by the beach, laid back, relaxing and just plain fun. I would go back there in a heart beat.